How This Award-Winning Sales & Marketing Expert Built and Mentored Several Sales Teams to Grow Fast

When David Lopez started in sales he got captivated by the knowledge and strategies that someone can learn to get ahead in life. If you think about it everyone is born as a sales person because if you want something, you’ll have to sell the idea to another person in order to get it. An example is if your parents don’t want you to go to play in the park, then you’ll find every reason to sell them on why they should let you go, or they’ll sell you on why you’re not going to go. In every conversation there is always a sale being made but most of the times we don’t pay attention or even notice.

When you start to pay attention, learning about sales and practice constantly that’s where the magic happens because you become aware in start perfecting your skills and transform to a better communicator to start winning the conversations and closing the deals. Communication skills is one of the most powerful skill a human can possess. So powerful that even if you lose your fortune you will be able to get it back because of how you mastered communicating effectively.

It has almost been a decade since David has been selling professionally daily.  He has trained and mentored several sales teams to master the skills and techniques to be able to duplicate themselves to keep growing and selling exponentially without losing momentum and results. He also won multiple awards for the most high-quality sales in the country for different major corporations and campaigns. Since day 1 he believed he would become the best he could be and that’s a big reason of why he’s been able to accomplish so much. 

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. So, you really must care about the people you’re helping succeed. Spend quality time with them, get to know them, coach them 1 on 1, practice the sales pitch together and make sure that your team is well taking care of. Its like having a baby, give them the milk until they drink and grow!

With all the growth that has happened in his life he has become obsessed with growing and becoming better every day. Everyone needs a mentor because there is always someone in this world already where you desire to be and it’s easier to arrive there from their advice, lessons or successes then trying to figure it all out on your own. That’s why he has paid thousands of dollars to keep self educating himself from Gurus that have already accomplished the success he desires.

David Lopez is now the Founder & CEO of Majesty Level Marketing where he helps businesses increase profits with Digital Marketing Strategies and Sale systems that can take your business to a whole new level and become an authority figure in your industry. He also is a Mentor for individuals that want to become experts in sales to live a life full of abundance and get in the habits of never stop growing