How David Lopez Sold Millions Worth Of Products And Services To Different Corporations As An External Representative

Most people hate changes and don’t want to have to deal with problems. People usually don’t buy if they don’t like or trust you. A person needs to learn to talk to people and connect with different individuals.

David Lopez had landed his first sales job in Vancouver, BC, Canada, it was only based on commission. The office he did his interview was part of a huge organisation that has 300 sales offices across North America, the mentor saw a similar fire and drive he had when he was young and saw lots of potential, so he gave him the job.

The job consisted of him going business to business selling different services on behalf of Major Corporations. So he had to sell himself because its always been a likeability contest. The offices had to recruit new people all the time because most of them quit, they had a rough time selling in the field and if they didn’t sell, then they would go home with no paycheck. So, he learned that if you don’t hunt, you don’t eat.

Be Obsessed With Growing

In his first week he sold every single day and the second week they promoted him to leadership. That’s where he was able to start building his team to start teaching them what was working for him in the field and trained them until they can teach others.

He kept selling consistently week after week. He built a team of great salespeople by performing with the most sales to lead by example. he was always fighting to beat his personal best and didn’t stop until it was done. That’s how he started performing with the highest sales in the country.

He won awards for the most high-quality sales in the country multiple times and got featured in the company’s magazine. Eventually he moved on from that company and has kept selling for different companies like, World Vision, ELAVON.

In 6 years David has been able to sell Millions worth of products and services while he acquired thousands of customers and continues to do so. They called him the Impulse Technician because he’s always handled objections and finds new ways to do so like a machine.

Have The Mentality That You Can Make The Difference

Recently he founded Majesty Level Marketing where he helps businesses increase profits with his marketing and sales strategies. He keeps selling, but now he does it for his own company and helps individuals grow in sales.

If there is anything you can take from him, it would be to believe in yourself. How do expect to close a client if you don’t even believe you can. It all starts within you, every invention in this world came from a belief and that’s what brought it to life. Since day one he believed that he was going to be the best that he can be and that’s a big reason of why all this manifested. Don’t stop believing and take massive action!

Life Won’t Always Play In Your Favor

The days he came back with no sales he would blame himself and not the world. It wasn’t going to get better tomorrow but he had the power to get better and that’s how he became obsessed with finding ways to win, improve and become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Something that has really helped him is being an optimistic person, he always looked on the positive side even in bad situations. It allows him to keep the negative away and focus on a better outcome. Without a doubt, that was the key that has opened the door of opportunities in his life.

It’s important to have a strong mindset and be super positive because so many people will have a lot of negativity in their life and you can’t let it affect your emotions because it will drag you down.

If you don’t learn and apply the knowledge with action then no one will do it for you. It’s important to be constantly learning to be able to grow and reach new levels. Practice will make you an expert, so always keep pushing yourself.