How David Lopez Is able to Interview 8 Figure Entrepreneurs Using This One Strategy

Since David Lopez was born he has always being a very social person always talking to random people and feeling like his known them forever and knew he came to this world to make an impact since a very young age. That’s one of the many reasons why he’s been able to reach success in many different ways by networking and executing until the job is done. Here are some tips on what he recommends for the ones that really want to reach success and network with High-Level Entrepreneurs. 

If you want to get results in whatever industry you’re doing business and want to be successful in it. It is really important to learn from people who have already accomplish what you are trying to do. It allows you to accelerate your process and it prevents you from spinning your wheels around hoping to reach success by going the wrong way. Don’t try to create success instead follow the steps of the ones who are successful there already. 

Imagine standing on your own vs standing on the shoulders of giant the view is way different and we can see the big picture and have a better understanding of what’s really going on. When you’re looking from up there vs looking with your own view that’s like 100,000 times smaller than the other one. Whom do you think that can see better and further?  Obviously, the one that’s standing on the shoulders of the giant! 

Who are the Giants? Good Question! Its the leaders in the industries of the world that are generating 7,8,9+ Figures Per year. If they are generating high income consistently it means that they have systems in place that are working well in it will allow you to burn so much time and slingshot yourself to the to top because you now know how to start being able to implement the right systems and strategies in your business and in life. 

How to learn from them? Most Giants are so busy with what they have going on with their business, life and it’s really hard to ask them for their time to spend helping you or thousands of other people. They are human too and don’t have so much time in a day to teach everyone that wants to learn. That’s why most of them have webinars, courses, Online Mentorship and different ways to still be able to provide value in a digital way. I think courses are definitely the way to start because even though you have to pay in the thousands you will learn so much and then when you start getting results you can look for more like one on one mentorship or masterminds where now the prices are even more in the thousands but it is so much worth it because you now start learning from closer distance from them. 

Now if you want to be able to interview 7,8+ Figures Entrepreneurs this is the strategy David Lopez was able to use to get them on a video interview. He interviewed Ben Lee featured in Forbes 30 under 30 and plenty more. 

Go to Events where the Giants are speaking and pay the price to get in no matter how much it cost just go because it will pay back 1000% ROI  once you get to connect with them and learn from a very close distance. Also, you get to network with other amazing people who are on their journey to success and get to build strong relationships.

Be prepared you can’t ask God for the rain to grow your fruits and not even had planted the seeds in your yard. So with that said go to the events with a student mentality ready to learn and network with people to elevate your surroundings and your mindset.

Don’t be afraid or shy to talk to the Mentors and Successful people in business because they are humans like you and also have been where you are and they can change your life with one sentence if it’s the missing piece you were looking for.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the cameras. Make sure you start producing content instead of always consuming it. Document your journey and also connect with high-level entrepreneurs to be able to provide value when your documenting and also ask the Giants questions so they can answer them on camera to not only help you but plenty of other people.

David Lopez now is the founder of and helps businesses increase revenue and profits with some next level strategies while making them the big fish in a small pond to make them an authority In their market and also mentors individuals in sales to live a life full of abundance. 

Never give up you are closer than you think!